Pcp Air Rifle

Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle

Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle   Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle
Condition is Used in excellent Like New condition. I have only put about 75 JSB 81 grain pellets through this Carnivore, it is very accurate and reliable. It comes with 2 rotary 6 shot magazines a replacement o-ring kit and a high pressure fill tip. You will need to order a 1/8 female foster fitting to use your fill probe. I used my Hatsan Flash probe to fill this beast.

It is a bit too heavy, for me, but very solid. As you can see from the pictures the rifle also ships with a Hatsan strap.

If you need a lot of power to dispatch some pests and smallbore air guns just aren't doing it, bring out the big guns! Hatsan's Big Bore Carnivore QE air rifle delivers pounding power without bragging about it. Here's what we mean by that: This air rifle has an integral silencer that reduces the report by about 50%. Another way the Carnivore is different from most other big bores is that it's a repeater.

You don't get just one shot and then have to reload. Quickly work the bolt, and another shot lines up. Foot-pounds will vary by the grain weight of your projectile.

However, Hatsan has stated you should get about 75 ft-lbs. 30-caliber gun and 95 ft-lbs. That gives you a good amount of power to take animals at longer distances or some larger critters at closer distances. Anti-double-feed system prevents more than one pellet loading into barrel.

Fill reservoir up to 200 bar (2,900 psi). Integrated rail accepts Weaver or 11mm mounts (no open sights).

Rubber recoil pad adjusts vertically and angularly. Removable air reservoir has built-in manometer (air pressure gauge). Anti-knock system prevents gas waste if rifle is knocked or bounced. Integral silencer reduces report by about 50%. Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail for a bipod, laser or flashlight.

Integral sound moderator reduces report by 50%. Up to 21 shots per fill in. Up to 12 shots per fill in. Includes 1/8 BSPP probe with male threads, 2 rotary clips, sling, sling swivel studs, sling swivels and owner's manual.

Not the best Hatsan I own. This is the one rifle. 357 Iâve bought manufactured by Hatsan (Iâve had 4 others with no issues) that has lived up to the negative comments I commonly see about Hatsan products. The magazines jam up fairly consistently no matter what I use, JSBâs, Grizzlies, or Air Venturi. The hammer would jam as well.

It did shoot close to the advertised velocity so I wanted to work on it myself. Tear down showed metal shavings throughout the internals, burrs, and not a single o-ring that wasnât nicked. Whatever Hatsan uses for âgreaseâ is more like a sludge paste. I cleaned everything up, deburred sharp edges, and replaced all o-rings, as well as regreasing everything with a quality grease.

While I had it apart made some changes and can now get 81.02 gr. JSB pellets to travel over 825 fps. Iâm not sure why Hatsan would build a. 357 that sacrifices power for a higher shot count. Based on cost of ammo Iâm not going out to target shoot or plink with this rifle. It should have more power stock, it is there to be gotten if you know how to modify it. Hammer spring is easily adjusted and can give more power just from turning that screw in. I do appreciate the extras: sling, de-gassing tool, extra valve and probe o-rings, fill probe.

All the multiple points of adjustment are a nice feature also. Relatively light, extras that come with rifle, can adjust to fit the likings of most any shooter.

Magazines jam way too much. With longer ammo not fitting magazines, a single load tray would be nice. Great gun, BEWARE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

My BT65 Carnivore is incredible but BE AWARE that Hatsan's service is recognized as some of the WORST by the biggest dealers out there. Know what you're getting into & if the company you're dealing with stands behind their product! I'll be VERY surprised if A. We unfortunately have heard the similar issues with Hatsan's customer service, this is an issue we have brought up in the past and have been assured that changes are being made to their overall customer experience.

Put 6 mags worth of shots thru the carnivore. JSB 81g are impacting on top of each other at 25 yards.

I have not set up targets further out yet. I do not have a chrony, however I put 4 mags (24 shots) on a full 200 bar fill. After 24 shots reservoir reads 100 bar. All 24 shots in one hole.

No point of impact drop at 24 shots. Rifle appears to be of good quality. I really dont think the bolt is as stiff as majority of reviews here. Have to be sure to pull back all the way before sending the bolt home.

Sound on mobile app db meter is 77db at the muzzle. In comparison gammo bone colector. 177 reads 77db and Hatsan breakbarrel carnivore.

30 cal reads 80 db. 100 bar to 200 bar takes 135 pumps. I stop pumping at half point to allow pump to cool as it does generate heat. I would like to try out other loads but it seems general consensus is jsb's for this rifle. Power High Shot Count Accurate Quiet.

Lacks ability to shoot heavier loads due to magazine thickness. I've had my Carnivore. For over a year and would recommend it to anyone hunting small to medium sized varmints.

Easily shoots under 1 inch groups at 50 yds. With the JSB 44.7 gr.

Pellets & is capable of reaching out to 100 yds. The QE shroud cuts the muzzle report down a lot. Not quite backyard friendly but definitely very quiet for the power it puts out. I have been successful at hunting groundhogs with accurately placed shots from 35 to 80 yards so far.

Accurate, powerful, built like a tank! A little on the heavy side once you get a scope and bipod mounted. Great short range varmint rifle. Hard hitting, good penetration within 75 yards.

Can't vouch for anything longer. I don't attempt any kills beyond 75 yards. It won't disturb the neighborhood but it might disturb the neighbors. It would help greatly if the ammo options that fit in the magazine were listed on the web site.

I don't like surprises. I have used the 44.75 grain pellets.

I prefer the heaviest pellet available that will fit in the magazine. What a powerhouse that's accurate and hard hitting! Nice looking stock and metal finish. This is my first experience with a large caliber rifle. It loads easily and seems to be a straight shooter. I do feel that a second or third magazine should be carried, six rounds gets empty quickly. The Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE. 35 caliber is a heavy air rifle.

35 caliber Air Rifle including the Optima 3-12x50 AO Rifle Scope, the Hatsan Optima Universal Tactical Bipod and the Hatsan Air Rifle Sling weigh in at around 11.4 pounds. This Air Rifle is probably best suited for shooting from a fixed position. Was able to zero the scope in three shots.

The accuracy is unbelievably awesome, and the power is second to none. It does take a lot of effort to cock, but seems to be getting easier now after 100 shots. Has a tendency to jam occasionally where the pellet fails to load correctly.

You then have to remove the magazine and push the pellet in more and re-cock to shoot. Hopefully this will improve with use and being more familiar with the air rifle. Overall, I rate this to be a great Air Rifle and would recommend it to anyone who wants a fantastic small game hunting and all around fun air rifle. I really enjoy shooting this rifle it puts a smile on my face every time I pull the trigger. I put DIY night vision on it and it's been working great for that.

This is my second Hatsan and I hope to get more. Cocking effort is not great it is stout but is soon as you shoot it you almost forget about it. The power of Hatsan Carnivore QE!!! I owned this rifle since 2/2016.

Though I only been to an indoor shooting range once to zero the scope at 22 yard, but this air rifle is very accurate even shooting at 60 yard, except the up and down range needs adjustment as expected. The pellet hit point is pretty close, only about 6 inches far from the center, in outdoor and lightly wind environment condition. Though you may be discouraged by the speed of this air rifle and think it may not get too far away. Well, I can prove you that Speed is really not what you should use to judge this air rifle. I copy this phrase from other air rifle professionals. 30 model is 50.5 grain, and muzzle energy is said to be 75 lb/ft. How does the number means may not be meaningful, but see my picture of a shot at approximately 30 yard. You will know what this air rifle can do.

When I shot this pellet, the air pressure was about 100, about to get into yellow zone. So, you can image how it does when in 200 par --- between green and red zone.

Heavy weight to ensure long range shooting will not affected by recoil kick. Pellet holder is not easy to replace when load and unload. Easily drop on the floor before catching it. Because you need to use both hands in order to release the pellet holder.

Heavy enough that you pretty need gun stand instead of bare hand holding, unless you have big muscles..... Does not come genuine high quality scope. With this price, I expect the manufacture include a high quality and long range scope with it. Because other brand scopes may not work with this rifle well. This rifle is heavy, and with my 3-9X50 illuminated mil dot scope and a 9-13 bipod, it is a beast.

Bought for coyote hunting, it makes a much better hog hunter. Shots 50' and less this rifle drops them like a 357, but is much quieter, cheaper to shoot and being a rifle (scoped at that) much more accurate. It does not like the heavier cast slugs, but shoots the smaller slugs well. 357 pellets would be my choice for long range small game hunting. It is not as accurate as my Benjamin Marauder.

25, but hits much harder with better penetration. The bipod adds weight, but keeps my groups small. The extra large scope let's me shot from fawn to dusk.

I use a similar scope on my rat guns. A 50 mm objective really pulls in the light. I do wish it had a bit more power, and a wider magazine. It would compete with the Bull Dog then. It is quieter, accurate, and heavy.

The stock is fully adjustable. Wish it was available in wood. The largest game I would hunt with this gun is hogs, and coyote. Raccoon, possum, fox, and of course, rabbits squirrels, wood chuck and prairie dogs are no problem.

Weight; makes the gun very stable Power; an excellent medium sized game gun Fully adjustable stock; mount what you want for sights, and adjust the rifle to you, instead of adjusting you to the gun. Weight; if you plant to carry it through the woods Lengthy; especially in brush QC; my first one was hard to cock and took a dump, my second one cocks smoothly, and is much more accurate. Everything I read or watched about this rifle is right on. It is a beast, and should be named the SledgeHammer. I mounted a hawke scope on it and 50-75 yrds, deadly accurate. I haven't shot farther than that yet and sighted it in only at 50 yrds. Make no mistake, this is a hunting rifle. I didn't find the bolt action very bad at all, what I did find a bit strange was airing it up. The marauder I think is a much user friendlier system. For sure I need to invest in a great white tank. GREAT RIFLE FOR THE PRICE VERY ACCURATE OUT OF THE BOX.

Would have given 5 stars....... Would have given 5 stars........ But when you first get this gun (at least mine) I had to put 150 - 200 rounds of lead through her for things to loosen up and settle in. At one point had thought about returning it...... But I'm sure glad I kept with it.

This has turned out to be even MORE accurate than my BT65. Which I didn't even think was possible. At 50 yards I'm getting pellet in pellet all day long. This is NOT an exaggeration.

I will say that I adjusted the Hammer Spring to adjust for a proper bell curve (which it very simple to do on these rifles). So WHEN you get this gun (not IF) put on a pair of gloves, pull back that bolt a couple hundred times, and you will find the gun you always wanted.

This thing hits HARD and EXACTLY where you aim it. Trust me when I say you CAN NOT get a Big Bore REPEATER for anywhere NEAR this price point and you CERTAINLY will not find one to shoot more accurately. Power, Accuracy, and pretty darned impressed with the QE built in suppressor. Does a fine job of making this beast back yard friendly. Need a lot of PATIENTS and time working out the kinks that should have been done prior to end user sale.

(which would have made it as expensive as the BIG NAME brands) So have the patients and work through the issues.... I ASSURE YOU, you won't regret it. Great gun after shooting the hot sun 357 I went out and bought the hot sun galatian 25 Cal another great gun Have that one done by bwalton also and see. The guy just knows his airguns man specially with Hatsanair guns.

Powerful stock and you can mod the best guy for the job is Bwalton he makes a great gun already into a work of art for a Airgunner. None OK stiff bolt put Molly on it and go shoot 100 times it get easy a lot better then before. For the price, this is the best big bore...

Obviously you have to find the right pellet.. In my case was the JSB DIABLO EXACT..

Very consistent and extremely accurate... Very efficient regarding air consumption... In 4 hours of shooting and doing several refills.. I spent only 100psi out of my scba tank...

It needs some effort to cock, and I had double feeding, even with the manual saying it has a system to avoid it.. Maybe it does, and I did something wrong... Then there's the sound from the IMPACT of the pellet!

The rifle is a bit heavy, and cocking is a little hard, but not unacceptable. I now own 6 Hatsan Airguns. This Big Bore is an absolute pleasure to shoot. The size, the weight, and over-all feel is excellent. It is powerful and accurate and you just cant beat it for the price. I mounted a bi-pod and a Centerpoint 4-16x40mm scope which works out great. It is a very long scope and was necessary for putting the scope rings in the weaver slots. I was shooting dime size groups at 30 yards with the JSB 81 grain. Also keep in mind you can't use long pellets but I would use anything but the JSB's they are 5-stars when it comes to accuracy. The price was great; as usual AGD beat everyones price.

The trigger is fantastic and the adjustment is easy, just remove the cylinder and adjust to your liking. If you back off the rear screw too far you will not be able to cock the gun. Dont Worry you didnt break it Simply turn the screw clockwise until the gun engages and look for you adjustment.

Turn the screw about ½ a turn and continue to test it until you find your personal sweet spot. The gun is very accurate and refilling is really easy. It takes about 5 seconds total using a scuba tank.

More shots per fill would be great (12 good shots per fill) but for a Big Bore it is right on par. If the bt65 is known as, "the hammer" then this is, "the sledgehammer" this power is brutal! Compared to previous airguns I've owned-rapid mk 2. 20, various Chinese n domestic entry level stuff. This rifle is n another league!

The power to sound ratio impresses, adjustable stock big difference, very comfortable, trigger very nice, not a rapid mk4 trigger. But at this power level not bad. Overall, I would say, u get a custom rifle at half the price! She is a full sized gal, the (carnivore), that is easy on the eyes, has a heart of gold, that cooks n cleans!! Just got this rifle from my favorite store airgundepot hatsan went beyond the limits to make this now my favorite rifle in my collection it's made of the proven BT-65 series that I now have in all calibers this.

Very powerful extremely accurate hard hitting hunting rifle and built very well every airgundepot hunter should have one. This is the best air rifle that I have ever owned. Works great and VERY hard hitting.

A little tricky to operate at first but once you get used to it it's not bad. A LOT of cocking tension on the bolt but this gets easier with time.

Great gun for a great price. Love this gun, it says it shoots at 860 fps but really more like 915 fps for around 20 shots using jsb 44.79 gr It's very accurate I've only shot it out to 50 yds so far but same hole every shot. It's a power house for cheap.

It's a little long compared to my. 22 bt65, even with the TKO on.

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  • Brand: Hatsan Arms Company
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Model: Hatsan BT Carnivore QE .357 PCP Air Rifle
  • Modified Item: No
  • Caliber: .

  • Type: Precharged Pneumatic (PCP)
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Ammunition Type: Pellet
  • Velocity (fps): 680-720
  • Features: Scope

Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle   Hatsan BT Carnivore QE. 357 PCP Air Rifle